Professor of History, 
University of Mount Union (Ohio, USA)

Santosh C. Saha grew up in Calcutta and studied at Saraswathi School in Calcutta and then at Calcutta University’s Presidency College, a premier college in India, and Calcutta University Law College, earning degrees in history and law. In the 1970s, he earned an associate degree in teaching methodologies from the College of Preceptors, London; B.A. History Honors from the University of London; B.A. (History, with specialization in Medieval Europe and South Asian history) from  Calcutta University; M.A. in World History (specialization in Western political philosophy and Indian Modern history) from Calcutta University, and subsequently a Ph.D. in History from Kent State University. Dr. Saha holds LL.B Degree (with specialization in Roman and Hindu/Muslim jurisprudence) from University Law College, Calcutta University. 

He has taught Western Civilization, Asian civilization, problems of the developing world, Latin America, religious fundamentalism, The Middle East, and African history in Colleges and Universities in India, Ethiopia, Zambia, Liberia, and the U.S. He is currently Professor of History, University of Mount Union, Ohio, USA. He has published widely, including fourteen books, numerous articles in referred academic journals, and regularly reviews of books for a variety of journals. 

Among Dr. Saha’s teachers and mentors were Professor Sushovan Sarkar, Sashibhusan Das Gupta, Tapas Majumdar, etc., many of them became legends in professional teaching. His class and college mates are Professor Amiya Kumar Bagchi, a noted Economist, and the late Mukur Kanti Khisha, a former Indian ambassador and novelist. He is in touch with many of his friends in different parts of the world. He has deep interests in Indian songs and music. Inspired by teachers and friends, Dr. Saha bears a strong sense of duty and integrity. His liberal world view fits into varied conditions and ideologies. In August 2010, Professor Saha presented a research paper on precolonial Indian globalization and culture at an international conference held at the University of Cambridge, UK. IN September 2011, he presented a research paper "Human Rights Concepts of the Noble Laureate Amarta K. Sen," and in August 2012, he presented a paper on "Countervailing Power in Human Rights." 

As a professor Dr. Saha has demonstrated, as expressed in student evaluations from in several countries, a keen sense of imparting quality knowledge through varied and developing methodologies. As a scholar he has published in prestigious journals such as The Journal of Negro HistoryThe International Journal of African Historical StudiesCanadian Journal of African StudiesOxford Forum on Public Policy (Oxford)Australian Journal of Environmental StudiesAustralian Journal of Politics and History (Australia); The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences; International Journal of South Asian Studies; Indian Journal of Social Work; Social Evolution and History (Moscow); Indian Journal of Asian Affairs; Journal of Asian HistoryAfrica Quarterly, among others. In 1979, he won the second prize in a world wide Russian scholarly writing competition. One of his edited book, The Politics of Ethnicity has been nominated for a peace prize in Boston. He is on the editorial board on several professional journals including International Journal of South Asia Studies.

Dr. Saha presented research papers at Oxford University, Cambridge University, U.K., Brisbane University (Australia), Taipei (Taiwan), Lima (Peru), Moscow (Russia), Peking (China), Barcelona (Spain), and several conferences organized by the Association of Third World Studies, USA, Charles Darwin University (Australia) and Glasgow University (Scotland).

He lives with his wife in Ohio. His daughter and family live in Florida, and son and his family in Ohio; between them he has 4 grandchildren.