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Conference Presentations

International Presentations

"Amartya Sen's Concept of Human Rights," Oxford University, 2011

Research paper on globalization and cultural exchanges, Cambridge University, 2010

"Ethnicity as a Resilient Paradigm: Socio-political Transitions and Ethnic Conflict in Africa," at the Annual Conference of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, June 2009.

"Socio-psychological Analysis of the Hindu-Muslim Communcal Riots in India," Australian Conference of Politics and History, July 2008.

"Indigenous Environmental Principles and Resource Management Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa," Australian Conference for Environmental Education, July 2008.

"Sub-Saharan Environmental Ethics and Principles: Implications of Deep Ecology Concept for Africa," at the 25th Annual Conference of Association of Third World Studies, Lima, Peru, Nov 2007.

"Erosion of Ethnicity in State-building in Sub-Saharan Africa,” at the Oxford Round Table, Oxford University in England, March 2006.

"Politico-Psychological Dimensions of the Ethnic and Political Conflicts in South Asia: Conflicting Paradigms at Work,” at the 28th International Congress of Psychology, August 8-13, 2004, Beijing, China.

"Ethnic and Political Conflicts in India: Hindu-Muslim Ethnic Violence and the Secularization Debate,” at the Psychology of Religion Conference, University of Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland, August 28- 31, 2003.

"The Concept of Secularism in India: Hindu-Revivalist Claims,” Annual Conference of the Association of Third World Studies, Taiwan National University, Taipei, Taiwan, December–January 2003.

Presentations in US

"Revivalist Secularism Perspectives: Competing Paradigms,” Annual Conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Salt Lake City, October 2001.

"Swadeshi" Economic Policy of the Religious Revivalists in India: Exposed to Delusion,” Third World Studies Conference, University of Denver, Colorado, October 21, 2000.

"Indian Writers in South Africa: The Issue of Identity,” Midfest International, Ohio Humanities Council, October 1999.

"Interaction Between the Invading Civilization and Receiving Civilization: The Liberian Case,” at the Annual Conference of the Third World Studies Association in Montgomery, Alabama, October 5, 1996.

"Cultural Accommodation in Liberia: Call for the Return to African Heritage,” African Studies Association, Boston, December 1993.

"Search for a New Social Order in Liberia: Contribution of Didhwo Twe (1879-1961) to Nationhood,” Great Lakes History Conference, Alendale, Michigan, October 1993.

"Agricultural Economy in Liberia,” Duquense History Forum, Duquense, PA, 1989.

"Transference of American Values to Liberia Through Agriculture,” Ohio Valley History Conference, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky, October 1988.

"Agriculture in Liberia: Settlers’ Contribution,” Ohio Academy of History, Columbus, Ohio, April 1986.

"Economic Motives of Colonizations in Liberia,” United States Educational and Agricultural Foundation, Monrovia, Liberia, August 1984.

"Tribal Sense of Honesty and Morality,” United States Educational and Cultural Foundation, Monrovia, Liberia, August 1983.